Jemez Mountains Waterfalls

The Jemez Mountains are located northwest of Albuquerque, New Mexico. They are a magical place rich in native history, brilliant red rock cliffs, hot springs, fishing streams and lake, and waterfalls.  The Jemez Mountains have a number of beautiful and unique waterfalls. Soda Dam is the most unique and is easlily accessed. It is “where water from underground hot springs has flowed for centuries. The buildup of mineral deposits has formed a unique and spectacular natural dam that blocks the Jemez River. It is one of the most photographed spots on the Trail” (LEARN MORE HERE).

Another amazing set of waterfalls can be found at the Gilman Tunnels. These tunnels have been craved through solid rock. One of the Maze Runner movies was filmed at this location. It is also a favorite spot for rock climbers who use bolted routes to scale the cliffs. (Gilman Tunnels)

Jemez Falls is a must see. It is the largest waterfall in the Jemez Mountains. There are more waterfall to talk about, but the best option is to book your Jemez Mountains Tour (Waterfalls, Tunnels, Cliff Dwellings, Mountain Lake, Cave, Red Rock, and Hot Springs).

CLICK HERE to begin your New Mexico adventure with Enchanted Light Tours. Check out the photos below…


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